This page helps you to start your game using our service properly. Currently, Windows 10, macOS Mojave and Ubuntu 18.10 are fully tested and compatible. Other OS versions would also work as well. You can also find a payment method down the page.
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Quick Start Guide
Install Steam
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Quick Start Guide
1. After buying a credit, you will be able to use our service. If you haven't, you can make a payment or check a plan first.
2. Once logged into a dashboard, pick a game you like to play and fill in your Steam user and password so that you can link to our server.
3. Click "Start Server" button and wait for server to be ready. It will show as "Stop Server" when it is ready. Your credit will be deducted after you reserved our machine in this step.
4. Launch Steam program on your local pc and you will see "Stream" button on your picked game's page. You may click "Stream" to play game.
5. When you want to stop using our server, click "Stop Server" in your dashboard to stop credit deduction.
1. Check what package you like in Pricing
2. Transfer money to account found in Contact Us
3. Send an email with transaction receipt to with a subject and body as below or chat with us here
Subject : Purchase Order
Body : [UserID] [Tier] [Hour] (Example : Tier1 10Hrs.)
4. Once verified, your credit will be added. You can also check your credit on the top of your Dashboard (Log In Required)