Q : Do I need to buy a game from Steam ?
A : Yes. We only offer a service not a game.
Q : What OS does this work ?
A : At this moment, Windows, macOS and Ubuntu.
Q : How much internet speed do I need for this service ?
A : 20 mbps at minimum. 30 mbps is recommended. Also, fibre optic internet is required.
Q : I have downloaded a key for OpenVPN but it does not connect ?
A : A key has to be used within 5 minutes, otherwise, it will be expired. Each key generation is only valid for one time use. A key cannot be reused. You have to download a new key each time.
Q : I do not want to download key everytime I play. Is there other options ?
A : Yes, we offer a dedicated PC purchase. You will have only one key and use it until it expires, no need to download a new key each time.
Q : I cannot find a game I want to play. What to do ?
A : You can make a game request and we will add a new game once we have tested.
Q : I have paid a money but I have a trouble using POWERCLOUDGAMING. What to do ?
A : If we cannot really fix the issue, we will make a refund the rest for you.
Q : How do I know if I am having a direct connection or not ?
A : You can turn on show in-game stat in Steam option under Remote Play tab.


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